About Plating Electronics

Plating Electronics GmbH is a manufacturer of sophisticate power supplier with high technology.

Plating Electronic – A Story of Worldwide Success

The company is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of pulse reverse power supplies in the world.

The story began in 1986 when the plating electronic GmbH was founded in Denzlingen, a small town in southern Germany. Since 1993 plating electronic has a strategic partnership with a manufacturing facility in eastern Germany. With more than 100 employees plating electronic and its partners develops and manufactures power supplies exclusively for the electroplating industry.

Plating Electronic has branches in:

  • France (hendor-pe, France)
  • United Kingdom (hendor-pe, UK)
  • Singapore (Hendor-pe Asia Pacific Pte Ltd)
  • United States (hendor-pe, USA).

We are the marketing arm for Hendor and PE. We provide process development, technical consultation, maintenances, support centre, sales and marketing.

Our goal is to introduce and provide world class equipments to Surface Finishing Industries in Asia Pacific.

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